Don't call us. We'll call you.

Yup.  You are right... the kids cried and cried their little eyes out when we left.  Ok - its good for the ego. They like us. They miss us. They still want us around.

I'll admit that I shed a few too. 

But c'mon people.  Crying brings more crying.  It's the "in" thing.  And guess what (sorry to burst your little egos) but once we were all officially gone and outta site... they stopped. And played. And had a water fight. And an "night bite" and talked about their days and all the "stuff"... oh, the stuff.. the endless amounts of stuff. 


See ya at the pick up bus.

 what i really dont get is the "hiding" of food. really??!

so what - they dont like camp food. is this really a bad place we're sending them? if they dont like the food but love the days and nights and friends... cant they just "rough it" another 3 weeks till they're home?

is it the "sport" of hiding that is intriguing?  dunno. #aintmything 

perspective people. put it in perspective! 

 how does one #refreshrefreshrefresh if in the car for hours trying to get to camp? could i refresh while at camp... while she's sitting besides me? #dilemma  

 Another successful day of pictures posted....

I like to refer to these as "back of head" and "blocked by another girl" (note * mine is the one in hot pink tank) and "behind the pole" (blue tank).

I think she does it to torture me.

 I fought the law and... I won!!

So... what do you do? 

Get a parking ticket. You know you're right (and a "rule follower").  But boy is it a lot easier and a lot less time consuming to pay it then take a day to fight it.

Ha - i bet that's what they thought. But they didnt know who they were dealing with.  They asked me to spend the heart of the nice sunny day in good 'ole Hampton Bays Court House... and I showed up.... and won!! 

Case dismissed.

Now off to spend the money i rightfully earned....

 Just throwin' it out there... if you arent already on the bandwagon... you gotta go to Trader Joe's!!  Dont walk. Run.

Will happily supply a full list of "must have" products to anyone who inquires.

so this about sums up my son..... no further explaination needed. 


 oh my ... just realized ... i have another kid in (day) camp ... more pictures to look through. refresh.

then again, it hardly seems exciting in comparison to the sleep away ones.  i mean afterall... i know what he looks like - he comes home to me every day. 

skip it. 

Incase you missed it... that is M A R L O W E (with an "e")!!! 

 This is going to sound nuts - but off the topic of camp... they're using a new "fertlizer" (as if the one that smelled like horse manure wasnt bad enough).... this one smells like spoiled milk manure. no joke.

but here's my question... grass is greener and plants are plusher when this new crappola (pun intended) is used. but does the beauty outweigh the awful smell that accompanies it?? 

i cant take it. sitting at an outside restaurant and had to move back inside. it's awful. 

 In anticipation of seeing his big sister... I ask my son, "So, do you miss playing with your sister?"

His reply, "I dont need her to play with. I need to her to annoy."

Yup... that sums it up.

Hey - he does miss her though......


Do they do this at college too???  Please tell me N O !

The questions and analysis of the pictures is endless... are they in the pictures? If not - why?

Once "spotted" - are they smiling or not?

Once smiling - and I'm talking BIG smile should = happy camper, right? 

well, not necisarily because then we must ask... who are they in the picture with? Themself? A stranger? Why arent they in the picture with their bunk. Why are they with the other bunk. Why arent they in the picture with the girls we know. Why are they picking their own new friends to be in pictures with?  

Wait, she's in a picture with a counselor - and not friends? Does that mean she was upset?

If they're always in "group pictures"... you wish they were in just one really great "portrait" solo.


Take it for what its intended people... a glimpse into their camp life. A chance to see them "in action".

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Stop calling to complain. Rather, you should call the camp and thank them for giving you a "fly on the wall view".  Or better yet - dont call them at all. 

And then... go enjoy your summer.  And if you have a younger sibling home - go annoy them instead.

Can't wait... to get there! And see my baby. And bring her all the stuff. And spend the day with her. And hear about her friends. And all the new things she's trying and doing.

For Father's Day, we took daddy stand up paddle boarding before she left this year. She was soooo scared.  She finally got up - but it took a long time. I told her she'll do it again at camp. And also kayaking. And waterskiing.  She thought I was out of my mind for even suggesting it. 

Today - i get a letter telling me that she waterskis and never falls and in tonights batch of pics... there she was on the stand up paddle board... STANDING UP!


 so here's my world right now.  t-minus 36 hours till Camp Visiting Day.  yes yes - i know ... it should be camp visiting day (lower case) , but its like a holiday, an event, the event of the year... the planning, the emails, the facebook posts.  by the way, i don't not paricipate in the hoopla - OF COURSE I DO!!! but, seriously... is this really happening?? 

step 1: "i'm not going to get carried away"

step 2: you see "a little something" and purchase it to bring

step 3: you hear about "zipper bracelets" (your friend offers to pick them up for you and you pass thinking... nah, its just a bracelet... and no! you dont have to have everything that is out there to be had)

step 4: you see another "little something" and purchase it to bring

step 5:  you get "the letter". hmm. ohhh. oooh.  ahhhh.  the letter requesting the most obscure things a person could ask for... bacon. bacon. and more bacon. specifcially - turkey bacon. penne bolognese. every peanut butter product under the sun you can think of. and wait - did i mention... bacon?!  hmm... ok.  i guess they dont serve that at a kosher camp.   oh - and some type of sticker that g-d forbid they sell at the local stationary store... but no, its NOWHERE in the tri-state area!!

step 6 (48 hours prior to departure): PANIC!! i dont have enough. i have too much. how am i going to carry this. do we have a plan?! i run / he carries? wait - my 6 year old... who's in charge of him. well, he is 6... i'm sure he can take care of himself. 

and so it goes... yup.  to be continued.......

 omg. its my very own blog!  correction:  blah blah blog. 

i think something... i can't help but put it out there.

i think i'm funny, witty, amusing.  ok. it might just be funny, witty and amusing to me, and only me. i can accept that.  but still gonna put it out there and let you decide.

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